Rules and Regulations

The WestRock Community Youth Centre is a youth program designed to offer educational, recreational, and extracurricular opportunities for at risk teens, grades 7 – 12 (ages 12 – 18). The WestRock Youth Centre is designed to build self confidence; self esteem, learn valuable life skills, make new friends and discover new interests, and have fun.

The Youth Centre is currently open Thursday to Saturday, 7pm – 9pm,. In order for a youth to attend the WestRock Youth Centre, Registration sheets must be completed by a parent or guardian prior to their attendance and past in to the Youth Outreach Coordinator.

While attending the Youth Centre, youth have the right to feel safe and welcome at all times.  To help keep the atmosphere at the Youth Centre comfortable for all youth, the following rules have been created.

01)   Violence of any kind is unacceptable. Loud arguments, name calling, threats, harassment, physical contact and/or  any other signs BULLYING are NOT allowed.

02)   Respect yourself & others. Degrading racial, ethnic, sexist, or homophobic remarks or SWEARING is not welcomed here.

03)   Act respectability to ALL WRCC facilities and property around you. Destruction, defacement, or theft of any kind is not tolerated.

04)   Gossiping or talking disrespectfully about anyone is not allowed. Speak for yourself, not for others.

05)   Behaviors associated with the possession or use of drugs and alcohol are not allowed. There are to be NO drugs or alcohol on you, or in you.

06)   Noise must remain at a comfortable level for everyone. Everyone has an equal say in what music is played and what video game is played.

07)   Youth MUST take equal turns playing video games and using the computer.

08)   Youth MUST ask for permission to cook or prepare snacks.

09)  Clean up after yourself. This includes the dishes you use and any gaming equipment you use.

10)  Smoking at the centre is only allowed outside the centre’s designated smoking area and NOT in front of the building.

11)  No explicit pornographic material or chat rooms can be viewed from the Youth Centre’s computer, with the exception of Facebook chat, which will be monitored.

12)  Anyone deliberately abusing, misusing or breaking equipment will be expected to pay for a replacement. Please report any accidental breakages to staff; you will not be penalized for that.

13)  No graffiti writing or defacing the centre or its contents in anyway.


The Three Strike Policy

A three strike policy will be put in place for the youth participants of the WestRock Community Youth Centre. If any youth fails to behave or abide by these rules, they will be asked to leave for the remainder of the night. If a youth consistently fails to listen to staff and does not abide by these rules, they will be asked to leave for the remainder of the night, and will not be able to attend following night the Youth Centre is open. This is Strike 1.  If this behavior continues, the youth participant will then be sent home with a suspension of one week from the WestRock Community Youth Centre. This is Strike 2.  Finally, after a youth has had a one week suspension from the WestRock Youth Centre and still continues to not listen to staff, misbehave or not abide by the rules, the youth will then be suspended indefinitely, or until he/she, along with a parent or guardian, meets with the Youth Outreach Coordinator and Executive Director. This is Strike 3.