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Teen Haven:

Youth between Grades 7-12


A program designed to help children and youth physically, mentally and socially. We create an environment that implements education and socialization while placing focus on teaching the necessary essential skills from reading, writing and spelling, to adding, subtracting and multiplying. The Teen Haven Program provides children and youth the opportunity to take part in fun filled activities and games as well as ensures healthy snacks provided by the Kids Eat Smart Program.


Hours: Monday to Thursday from 5-7pm


WestRock Community Centre- Third Floor


Our program is to provide a safe and caring environment in which students can have access to materials such as pens, paper, textbooks, calculators etc; computer with internet capability and qualified teachers and tutors for completion of homework assignments or help with a school concepts.

Long term goals: To improve graduation rates and build a basic skills rate for “at risk” youth.

Children are our future so it is important that they are placed in a consistent environment filled with positive attitudes and given the opportunity to build greater self-esteem and a high confidence level.

If you are interested in placing your child in the Teen Haven Program please fill out the online registration forms linked below.

Teen Haven Registration Form




We are always willing to accept new applicants for volunteering during the Teen Haven Program. If you are interested please feel free to fill out an online form and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

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